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The Lost Treasure of Calypso Island: A thrilling New Adventure game!


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10th December 2000: First of all, Season's Greetings to all Phatt Island visitors. Secondly, EMI has been released, and you can get the demo at the LucasArts webpage ( Be warned though, it is huge. Stay tuned, because I will be updating very, very soon. Oh and if you would like to contact me, there has been yet another e-mail change - my new mailbox is Thanks!
  • Please note that from now all e-mail which has been sent to the old addresses will NOT be recieved! Please send all mails to!
    Also, you can now access Phatt Island at the easy to remember address,!

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Under the title of each game (i.e. The Secret of Monkey Island etc.) you will find the story of each game, the characters, images and solves. The Link Page contains links to other Monkey Island pages on the net. Downloads contains the files you can get. Music contains -guess what?- and Feedb@ck lets you mail a query. See you around!


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BACKGROUND MUSIC: it's the opening of Monkey Island 2: LeChuck's Revenge. It was originally written by Tom Lewandowski, but it is re-mixed by mnemec (me).

BACKGROUND IMAGE: this lovely picture of LeChuck is a screenshot of The Curse of Monkey Island launcher.

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